Beautiful Cosmos (2019)

Vault Festival, London

(Creative Direction, Creative Production, Curation, Performance)

A curious club night where extraordinary live music and performance is interspersed with a series of micro-lectures on existence, biology and our unlikely place within the cosmos.

Inspired by cosmologist Carl Sagan’s famous quote “we are starstuff”, a variety of guest scientists, thinkers and musicians will explore this fascinating truth from their own unique perspective.


Biologist and systems thinker Phoebe Tickell
Experimental particle physicist Teppei Katori
Evolutionary scientist Wenjin Gu


Patchwork Jazz Orchestra
Perhaps Contraption


Symbiosis Meditation

Christo Squier

Composer /
Creative Director /  
Multidisciplinary artist /

Christo Squier

Composer / Creative Director / Performer / Artist