Particle Shrine is a generative installation that transmutes live cosmic ray data into a range of kinetic & audiovisual outputs
Unremembered is a short film / live performance which features sand pendulums (harmonographs), contemporary dance & visual vernacular

Subatomic is a concert which explores experimental particle physics via composition, sonification, lecture, projection & performance

Visitor is a sound and light installaton controlled by subatomic particles
Particle Dance is a community music and movement performance inspired by particle physics

Nearly Human is a gig-theatre experience & concept album which describes the life-cycle of one extraordinary atom, and how our baffling, unlikely existence is intertwined with the stars
Sanctum is a generative sound & projection installation controlled by cosmic rays
Entropy is an ongoing series of aleatoric compositions that incorporate cosmic ray detectors to influence performance outcomes. 
Composition & Sound Design for Media

Multi award-winning progressive brass band Perhaps Contraption
Performance & Composition for Theatre
        Artist in residence in the department of Physics, King’s College London


AI Art
Squier Squier solo compositions based around finger-picked acoustic guitar and electronics

Sand Sculpture

Perambulations is an interactive video featuring 6 contemporary dancers and 8 musicians
The London Art Marching Band - bespoke brass
Beautiful Cosmos is a curious club night where peformance meets micro-lectures on existence & our place within the universe

Christo Squier

Composer /
Creative Director /  
Multidisciplinary artist /

Christo Squier

Composer / Creative Director / Performer / Artist