Artist-in-Residence in the Department of Physics - King’s College London 

(2020 - 2023)

“I have harnessed the cosmic rays and caused them to operate a motive device” - Nikola Tesla
Christo was artist-in-residence at King’s College London in the department of Physics between 2020 - 2023, working with experimental particle physicist Dr. Teppei Katori and creative technologist Chris Ball.

Utilising data from Super Kamiokande in Japan as well as localised ‘cosmic watches’ the residency developed live and digital experiences which are influenced by the movement of subatomic particles. The endeavour aims to activate curiosity around the fascinating subject of astrophysics, and encourage a sense of connection to the cosmos in the process.

Initial research and development involved the creation of a bespoke software device using Processing, which sonifies and visualises live data from Super Kamiokande.

This device was then used to harvest data and transmute it into a range of new compositions and soundscapes. This was sometimes done in real-time, embracing entropy and ‘jamming’ with the live data; manipulating it with various software devices.

At other times the data was recorded and used as the building blocks for new chord progressions and melodies.

The discoveries during this artist residency formed the basis for Subatomic and Particle Shrine.

It also led to the design of a physical installation based on Super Kamiokande. This would involve thousands of LEDS, projections and a large structure which could fit 40 people inside. This is an ambitious outcome of the artist residency and requires furthur funding to fully realise. 

Static Images by Daniel Ross.

Explainer of the creation process and preliminary compositions

Using the rhythms of subatomic particles to create new rhythms
Stills from the Super Kamiokade sonification and visualisation software.
Devising the Super Kamiokande visualiser with Chris Ball.
The process of turning Super Kamiokande into a musical instrument:

Christo Squier

Composer /
Creative Director /  
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Christo Squier

Composer / Creative Director / Performer / Artist