Nearly Human (2019)

“Vessels and veins, bundles of cells, stumbling, how fortunate”
Sell out gig-theatre experience Nearly Human by Perhaps Contraption. Winner of the LET Award 2019, supported by Britten Pears Arts and Pleasance Futures. Premiered at Edinburgh Fringe 2019 and Vault Festival 2020.

Inspired by the words of cosmologist Carl Sagan, this unique gig-theatre experience describes the life-cycle of one extraordinary atom, and how our baffling, unlikely existence is intertwined with the stars.

Expect an abundance of virtuosic musicianship, dynamic choreography and mesmerising contact juggling.

Touching upon biology, spirituality and cosmology, Nearly Human is an epic and euphoric celebration of life and the universe; bursting with triumphant melodies, fascination and wonder.
Trailer 1
Trailer 2

Hurt the Fly (excerpt from Nearly Human)

Full theatrical performance - recorded live at Clapham Grand, 2020

It’s hard not to get swept up in Perhaps Contraption’s abundant energy…Delivered with unflinching energy and conviction…It’s almost impossible to categorise, but that’s kind of the point.
The List ****

A concept piece expressing the wonder of atomic theory and human physiology, through the medium of massed brass, percussion, tranquil harmony singing and recorded recitations.
A beatific meditation on the micro and the macro…a beguiling, euphoric blast of energy.
The Scotsman

Perhaps Contraption have the rare joy of being unbelievably talented, but also collaboratively telepathic. You feel at once as though you’re watching something meticulously crafted and beautifully chaotic.
Musical Theatre Review ****

Nearly Human is the Les Enfants Terribles award winners’ dizzying celebration of our connection to the stars… by way of megaphone hollering, trombone stomping and contact juggling. Truly, you have to see this show to believe anyone could create it in the first place.
GQ Magazine

The production is stunning, their storytelling pulsates with energy as they narrate the magical journey in a sensory explosion. Perhaps Contraption’s approach is innovative and euphoric, bewitching and overwhelming, polished and experimental. They instil a brand new appreciation for life.
Broadway World *****

The first research and development showing of Nearly Human at Snape Maltings ‘Festival of New’ 2018.

The development of Nearly Human as part of Snape Maltings ‘Open Space’ residency.

Hear the soundtrack to the stage show:


Music, design and Movement Direction by Perhaps Contraption


Catherine Ring – Percussion, Voice
Christo Squier – Guitar, Flute, Tenor Sax, Contact Juggling, Voice
Iain Mcdonald – Sousaphone, Voice
Jin Theriault – Soprano Sax, Voice
Letty Stott – French Horn, Voice
Mickey McMillan – Trombone, Voice
Riccardo Castellani – Drums
Steph Legg – Tenor Sax, Voice
Yusuf Narcin – Bass Trombone, Voice

With thanks to our wonderful deps:

Amy Kelly – Percussion, Voice
Hanna Marchand – Tenor Sax, Voice
Maude Wolstenholme – French Horn, Voice

Production Team

Director – Christo Squier
Producer – Alex Ferguson and Christo Squier
Assistant Producer – Winter James
Lighting Design – Pablo Fernandez Baz and Christo Squier
Dramaturgy – Oliver Lansley and Perhaps Contraption
Movement Direction – Lucy Ridley, Christa Harris, Jin Theriault
and Perhaps Contraption
Live Sound – Louis McHugh
Stage Manger and Operation – Chaz Webb
Sound Design – Mickey McMillan and Christo Squier
Costume and Styling – Amy Day and Perhaps Contraption
Narration – Jasper Jolly (Age 3), Huxley Squier Gaze (Age 8 and a half), Winter James (Age 27), Fiona Fey (Age 32), Joy Isaacs (Age 91)
Photography – Rah Petherbridge, Matt Jolly, Alex Blair, Michael Price

With thanks to: Snape Maltings, Esmée Fairbairn Foundation, Everyone at Les Enfants Terribles, Pleasance Theatre, Emily Cunliffe, Santiago Genochio, Greenwich Theatre, Nic Connaughton, Rebecca Merrit, Charlotte Hartley, Phil Newby, Rah Petherbridge, Amy Statik, Juliette Lumly, Laura Drake Chambers, Lilith Costela, The Premises Studios, Fiona Fey, and of course, Carl Sagan.

Christo Squier

Composer /
Creative Director /  
Multidisciplinary artist /

Christo Squier

Composer / Creative Director / Performer / Artist