An interactive video which utilised the now defunct Youtube annotations system. There we many thousands of possible journies through the action,
a ‘choose-your-own adventure’ music video.
As the viewer progressed through the action, they would have a time-limited option to click on each performer, and be sent to a separate video from a new angle. Each click offered up other perspectives.
You can see the full array of options at the split screen video below.

Commissioned by Help Musicians ‘Emerging Excellence Fund’

Directed, Produced and Designed by Christo Squier
Music by Christo Squier and Perhaps Contraption

The Band
Charlotte Webber
Dominick Sturgess
Chuckles the Clown
Emily Cunliffe
Felicity Status
Iain Mcdonald
Matt Jolly
Mickey Bones
Christo Squier

The Dancers
Carly Blackburn
Flavia Bertram
Lauren Bridle
Lotan Sapir
Lucy Ridley
Malik Ibheis

Production Team
Lighting design - Anna Barrett
Director of Photography - Tom Maine
Movement Director - Lotan Sapir
Editor - Matt Jolly 
Grip - Martin Tucker
Audio production - Peter Zed
Additional production assistance - Oliver Barton-Wood and Tom Carmichael
Mixed at the Premises Studios by Peter Zed & Christo Squier
Mastering - Guy Davie

Interactive video concept inspired by Peter Zed
With thanks to Help Musicians and for their generous support
Filmed at The Parabola Arts Centre, Cheltenham, April 2013

Christo Squier

Composer /
Creative Director /  
Multidisciplinary artist /

Christo Squier

Composer / Creative Director / Performer / Artist